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We focus on designing and producing great products from high-quality leather. We work with leading professionals to optimise our products for both the horse and the rider. Personal service is important to us and we do our best to guide those who request it.

About us

Storm Rider is a family business located in Hrunamannahreppur, Iceland. The idea for Storm Rider came to be in 2016, when we had a custom saddle made for us. We wanted a saddle that would be suitable for everyday riding as well as longer trips. We were very happy with the results and then the ball started rolling. That was the first version of the saddle Thor. Several well-chosen professionals then came into the design team and they improved the saddle considerably. We are focus on new products every day, gathering information from riders about what they need and what can be done better.

We only use good quality European leather. Styrmir has visited suppliers and manufacturers of leather to obtain information on what makes good leather. Our products are made at a small leather workshop in Poland that has been building saddles for years. 

We are also in contact with suppliers in the UK who have been selling us components for the saddles and other riding gear.

Our goal is to produce great products at affordable prices.

Sales Representatives in Sweden

Anna Thunstedt

Phone: +46 073 6400633

Email: info@hagaprydi.se


Örebro area:

Omhälla Islandshästar

Phone: +46 733 86 47 50

Email: linda@omhalla.se

Andri Gislason

Phone: 076-015 34 28

Email:  andri@swetolt.se

Swetölt AB
Holvarbo 318
748 95 Örbyhus

Stockholm area:

VM Islandshästar 

Phone: +46 729 87 08 69

Email: hjalmhestar@gmail.com

Stångberga 12

186 97 Brottby 


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